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[IP] Caitlyn and Kaiser and getting on the pump

> They're just giving you the run-around
> Have to keep hammering on them
> Hope Ruth&Geneva's experience, and maybe
> E. Lomax (Curtis' girl) can help you in NoCaKP

I think the problem here is that the DCE that handles geneva and caitlyn's
cases is VERY nervous about the pump in young children.  geneva and a couple
of other little ten yr. olds are the guinea pigs for this area of CA.  the
whole team has been attending seminars and training workshops for the pump
and getting to know the in's and out's just like we are.
I know that her eyes just about popped out of her head when I told her at
our saline training session that we were so excited about geneva being able
to order a real coke at a restaurant and be able to cover it with the pump.
she also was a bit upset when after pumping for a few days,  I mentioned
that geneva had been eating grapes and not bolusing.  (at this time she had
no idea how quickly one or two little grapes would jack her up !)  she is
just as nervous about her kids on the pump as we parents are...worries about

so...this may be a tough one for carrie to deal with.  since kaiser members
are pretty much limited to the team at hand...and we cannot just 'change
endos'....carrie will be dealing with one major player.  unless she can go
to another CA location of kaiser.


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