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Re: [IP] school parties & my personal turmoil!


 Yes, this is frustrating .. I just went to a workshop for my work last night 
and no diet soda ... it is something myself as a diabetic will have to 
advocate for myself it stinks .. OH and this is almost comical ... I had to 
Interpret for a DISABILITIES conference last year and there was everyone 
there from Deaf people, to people in wheel chairs, to every kind of 
disability so they made sure they had me < a sign language interpreter> to 
accommodate the deaf and ramps to accommodate the wheel chairs .. but as I 
walked into lunch I made sure to take notice .. there was no diet coke . . I 
did approach the woman in charge and said "is there somewhere I can get a 
diet soda .." I had to walk around to the cafe to get one .. I did say you 
know this is interesting subject I am at a diabilietes conference and not all 
was covered .. interesting huh? That is how life goes and I try every chance 
I get to correct something if I see it ..

 It is going to take time Julie 
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