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[IP] Leesa going "live" soon

>  testing your sugars are there any other ways you'll know if there is a
>  I am trying to find out as much as possible prior to starting insulin


do you have a spouse / sleeping partner/ roommate?  if not,  jeannie was
right about setting your alarm.
geneva tested almost hourly for a couple of days.  she just did not trust
the pump.  and she even had a field day at school on the fourth day  of
going live.  she disconnected when she thought there might be a chance of
going low.  no problems.

when they put you on the basal ...you are usually on a pretty conservative

as far as clogging..set the alarm to the highest so that if there is a
problem , you will hear it.

our only major problem was a big crimp, as you know from geneva's ketones
last week. and it just so happened that I did NOT test at 2 am.  I am sure I
would have caught it had we tested.  so ...for your own sanity,  test at
least once in middle of the night until you are comfortable with your
nightime basals.

and remember that this list is here for any questions.  the big cheering
squad in the background1

good luck !


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