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[IP] school parties & my personal turmoil!


had a conversation with my neighbor, a father to second grader, who is a
devils' advocate type guy, but knows our situation well.  also a very dear

anway,...I was B____ING about the school party to him, and told him that I
would never say anything to the room mothers who were so gleefully setting
out cupcakes and cookies and brownies and lollipops...because that is why I
have a husband and a neighbor for.

he said I was right NOT to say anything.  that it is geneva's responsibility
with her disease to "deal with things at social situations as they arise".
that she will encounter this for the rest of her life and that we can't turn
it around onto the room moms at school to make a special treat for the ones
who have dietary requirements.  ( I brought up the fact that there may be a
kid who has allergies to peanuts or wheat or whatever).  he said it is up to
the kid's parents to make sure that they have something else...or do as I
did and come in and monitor what G. ate and give her the carb booklet.
we had no problems yesterday with all the food, by the way.  but...I just
felt like no one remembered her situation.  as I was asking the two moms if
they knew what kind of lollipop it was that was stuck in the cupcake  (it
was a skeleton kind,  half and half and I had never seen one
before)...because "geneva counts carbs and I would like for her to be able
to give enough insulin to cover the lollipop",  they kind of had this blank
look on their faces and said,  "ohhhh,  I forgot about that!,   I am so
it was as if no one had a clue.  I don't even know why they had the diet
coke there.  why bother?

I had to vent at my neighbor and you all on this list!!!


>Anyway, you made a start just getting them to
> remember the diet coke

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