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Re: [IP] Re: Selling medical equipment (was ...another Ebayproblem)

In a message dated 10/30/99 10:53:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< If I didn't have the insurance I have, and my daughter was prescribed a 
 that I couldn't afford I would definitely look into buying one privately. 
 majority of us know how life has changed since being on the pump/seeing our 
 loved ones on a pump. Would you just give it up because the insurance 
 wouldn't cover it? Would you  be willing to search for the piece of 
 that would  provide a better quality of life for yourself? for your loved  
 one? for your child? 
 Ultimately, it would be wonderful if everyone that wanted a pump would not 
 denied ... no matter what. But that's an almost perfect world. (I would've 
 said perfect world, but that's saved for when they have cures for both of 
 these two horrible diseases I've been speaking about here, as well as the 
 others that have affected so many of our lives)
 Happy pumping to EVERYONE ... even those with no insurance.
 Saundra >>

        I have to agree with you 100%!  I have been reading this thread and 
sitting on my fingers, but I have to jump in now....

        I have 3 diabetic children.  Only one is on a pump....WHY?  My 
insurance WILL NOT pay for pumps......We had to fight and appeal numerous 
times for Steven to get his pump and it was only approved because he also has 
severe asthma and takes TONS of meds for that too on a daily basis.  His 
A1c's were going UP UP UP and we couldn't get a handle on it.....The doctor 
had to threaten them with putting him in Ped ICU at $1500/day JUST to get 
them to START listening to us!  This is a Union Contract, so normal State 
coverage and insurance laws don't apply to us  :-(    I would LOVE for all my 
boys to have the pump, and if I had $2000 right now I would buy it no 
questions asked and no feelings of "illegality".....This has to be at LEAST 
the 4th insulin pump I've seen on eBay and every one has been a temptation 
for me to help my boys.  I have been very sick lately myself and fighting 
another one of those insurance battles is not something I'm able to do right 
now, and unfortunately, neither is spending $2000, but if I could, I would in 
a heartbeat!  

        I guess that makes my next job, to try to figure out if going the 
Disetronic route and getting 2 pumps for the price of 1 would be an option 
for us perhaps in the near future if we can save up for that......Until then, 
eBay looks better every day!

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