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[IP] Re: Selling medical equipment (was ...another Ebay problem)

My own experience in dealing with DME (durable medical equipment) is as 
follows ...    ( I think a pump is considered DME?) ...

Ten years ago my mother died from ALS (unfortunately this disease took the 
life of her and 4 of her 5 other siblings). She was on a ventilator for the 
last year and several months of her life. Similar to pumps, at a certain hour 
usage, the "vent" would need to go into the "shop" for maintenance. While in 
the "shop", my Mom would get a loaner vent. While on the loaner vent, she 
died. After her death, we received the newly re-maintenanced vent with zero 
clock hours on it. We, of course, returned the loaner vent. Sitting in my 
house, (my mother lived with us the last 1 1/2 years of her life) was this 
perfect piece of life sustaining medical equipment. The insurance company 
wouldn't take it back. We owned it. We heard of a woman who didn't have 
excellent insurance coverage. She needed a ventilator. Her husband came to us 
and asked if her could purchase the vent. We showed him all our 
"ownership"papers (felt like selling a car). And, he bought it. It took a 
huge burden off this poor man. His wife had the equipment she so desperately 

To this day, I don't think I did anything wrong. Was it illegal? I really 
don't know. I know for a fact that the woman required a ventilator ... it was 
a documented medical necessity. We had a respiratory therapist verify the 
machine had just been maintained. I don't remember if the manufacturer would 
continue the maintenance or not.

If I didn't have the insurance I have, and my daughter was prescribed a pump 
that I couldn't afford I would definitely look into buying one privately. The 
majority of us know how life has changed since being on the pump/seeing our 
loved ones on a pump. Would you just give it up because the insurance company 
wouldn't cover it? Would you  be willing to search for the piece of equipment 
that would  provide a better quality of life for yourself? for your loved  
one? for your child? 

Ultimately, it would be wonderful if everyone that wanted a pump would not be 
denied ... no matter what. But that's an almost perfect world. (I would've 
said perfect world, but that's saved for when they have cures for both of 
these two horrible diseases I've been speaking about here, as well as the 
others that have affected so many of our lives)

Happy pumping to EVERYONE ... even those with no insurance.

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