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Re: [IP] Leesa going "live" soon (longish)

In a message dated 10/29/99 6:55:59 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Jeanie- I have started the pump with saline to get used to it. I will 
 to the insulin on Thursday.Am I a nervous wreck???????YES!! I have a fear of 
 it clogging or disconnecting especially when I am asleep and going into DKA. 
 Is this normal to be that nervous about that? With MDI and long lasting 
 insulin for 17 years you know that you are pretty much covered. Besides 
 testing your sugars are there any other ways you'll know if there is a clog? 
 I am trying to find out as much as possible prior to starting insulin  :0)  
 Thanks!  Leesa >>

You sound like me, I'm the world's biggest chicken.  Clogging hasn't happened 
to me in 4 years (I use Velosulin, or BR which stands for buffered regular).  
Don't know if Humalog clogs sometimes.  Most people are happiest with the 
Humalog, but I take a long time to eat and digest and get along fine with BR 
- also has to do with me being stubborn and scared to try new things.  Of 
course you're a nervous wreck.  Here you've spent 17 years trying to master 
diabetes with MDI and its not real realiable or constant, but at least its 
familiar and you know how your body responds to it (well, most of the time 
you can guess pretty good).  And now everyone's telling you how wonderful 
pumping is and you'd really love to just jump on in with us headfirst and not 
worry, but then we're talking about YOUR LIFE here, aren't we, and asking you 
to give up the one bit of security you know with MDI for what for you, (until 
you do it) is still an unknown?
But just think about it, how many unhappy pumpers have you heard from or 
about, compared to the unbelievably happy ones.  Get yourself the big box of 
strips and test every 20 minutes if it makes you feel comfortable.

Only time I "disconnected" while sleeping was when my new kitten decided it 
looked like fun to chew through my tubing.  Another time was pulled out 
during one of those "wild times" at night when hubby got tangled in my 42" of 
tubing and rolled quickly.

Set your alarm clock for a couple of times a night for awhile until you feel 
confident that everything is OK to sleep.  You'll sleep better knowing you 
won't wake up in DKA.  Besides, take it from someone who was in constant DKA 
for years, it takes usually more than one night to slip into a coma.  And, 
another good thing, when you are really high you have to pee a lot in the 
night and that wakes you up (we hope!).  If I wake in the night to pee, I 
always test.

Keep in touch, we're routing for you.
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