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Re: [IP] Geneva's school party

In a message dated 10/29/99 6:23:18 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< despite my letter to all
 parents in the beginning of the year about geneva's diabetes....they still
 sent in all of these things which I had to guess the carb count of!!!  at
 least they thought to bring in diet cokes!!!! >>

It took me about the first 15 years of being diabetic to get my in-laws 
(hubby's sister) to realize that I really HAD to eat Thanksgiving and 
Christmas dinners at 5-6pm while on MDI.  I had many a peanut butter sandwich 
at 5:30 for dinner, only to sit with the rest of them and watch them eat 
dinner at 7pm. Finally when I got them really believing I HAD to eat on time, 
I started pumping.  Now I'm flexible and they don't believe me that I can 
wait and they still get all flustered about it.  Really freaks them to see me 
pop a couple of Christmas cookies.  Oh, and unless I'm providing it, usually 
never a diet coke to be found.  Even though the other parents may be well 
intentioned, they will never know your anguish at trying to count carbs in 
treats, or most of them even what a carb is or where your bgs should be, or 
what a bg is.  Most people don't ever think about this stuff that sits in our 
brains every waking moment.  Anyway, you made a start just getting them to 
remember the diet coke.  Hope you guys have a lovely Halloween.  What's 
Geneva going as?  My eight-yo Kelsey is a princess, I just finished the 
costume today.

Best wishes,
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