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Re: [IP] To Ruth - HgA1cs and lows

In a message dated 10/29/99 5:23:45 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< are the people who are having such great results  (below 7.0)  having some
 severe lows or are you pretty much in a normal range most of the time?
The CDE I see said she doesn't like to see people too far below 7.0 because 
it can mean a lot of lows, like you indicated.  I'm shooting for around 6.5 
to 7.5, which I usually get if I stay 80-180 most of the time (80-90% of the 
time).  Still can throw in some lows 60-80 and a couple of highs (maybe 3 a 
week) about 250-275.  What I've found affects it the most for me is going 
high at night, because then you can be high for 7 or so hours if you don't 
wake and check, wake up high and take a few more hours coming down.  I've 
been trying to not eat complex carbs with dinner and no night time snacking 
and this seems to solve the night highs for me, of course YMMV as always.

But a child is probably harder to keep in range (am I right? parents of 
pumpers), I'm just guessing because I was 20 when I was dx'd.  It looks like 
they are much more insulin sensitive and besides their bodies are littler 
(what a great use for a pump!). How in the world do parents draw up 0.3 units 
of Humalog in a syringe?

How's Geneva feeling today?

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