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Re: [IP] you guys saved my !@#s....

Your error 07 can mean you pressed your buttons to fast...I used to get
that alot on my D pump too. You did the right thing by taken the batteries
out and putting them back in..next time if you forget your tool a nickel
works great for taking the batteries out. I never had a tool just a nickel
or a quarter:)

At 11:29 PM 10/29/1999 -0400, you wrote:

>so i get out of the shower, and set up my pump to prime and get an ERROR
>07... "system alarm"  (i have a D, btw)  this is the D "something
>unspecified is wrong" alarm....  after reading the list for several
>months, i failed to panic  (thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!) but without my
>battery removal tool i didn't know how to take out my batteries to try to
>fix the damn alarm.....  so i ended up waiting for my honey to come home
>from work, and drive me to my place...  my bg, at its highest was 187 and
>the alarm seemed to have been nothing, as i took out the batteries, put
>them back in again, finished my site change, and all has been well....

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