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[IP] you guys saved my !@#s....

so i disconnected to shower, and then do a site change today.... (after 1
1/2 weeks of pumping....)  (i've already done about 10 site changes, so i
figured no biggie....)  i happened to be staying at my boyfriend's house,
as my class today was cancelled and i wanted to play with his kittens,
while he went to work....  

so i get out of the shower, and set up my pump to prime and get an ERROR
07... "system alarm"  (i have a D, btw)  this is the D "something
unspecified is wrong" alarm....  after reading the list for several
months, i failed to panic  (thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!) but without my
battery removal tool i didn't know how to take out my batteries to try to
fix the damn alarm.....  so i ended up waiting for my honey to come home
from work, and drive me to my place...  my bg, at its highest was 187 and
the alarm seemed to have been nothing, as i took out the batteries, put
them back in again, finished my site change, and all has been well....

if it hadn't been for my IP friends i might have panicked all over the
place....  thanks everyone....

anyone know what might have caused this???  (i'm going to give the rep a
call on monday, but as my insurance company insists of "renting" me my
pump, instead of buying for me... i only have the one, and i don't want to
give it up, so that they can look at it and shrug their shoulders....
while i go back to shots waiting for a new one.....)

thanks again for keeping me sane....

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted
NOTE!  NEW NUMBER!!!!!!!!!  -----> (617) 491-7935

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