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[IP] Caitlyn's last A1c count?

Hi all!
	I have been reading the posts about A1c counts and I have a questions
for all of you.  Caitlyn's last count (on Friday) was 8.8 and she was
7.8 back in July.  I was concerned about the increase, but the diabetes
educator said that was close enough for a child (she said a child
Caitlyn's age should be between 7.5-8.5  Does anyone feel that seems a
little wierd.  
	Caitlyn has had some big time highs (450 a few mornings ago), but she
has also had some big time lows (50's)  I figured all of the high's and
lows might sort of balance each other out.  They want me to consider
giving her more injections!  I WANT A PUMP!!!!  I feel like they are
coming up with answers that seem nice to that they can discourage
getting the pump.
	Does anybody know what the ideal A1C count is for a almost 5 year old? 
Is 8.8, and increase from july, bad?  I am really starting to get
confused!  HELP!

Carrie, Mother of Caitlyn, dx'd @ 20 mo's almost 5 Y.O.
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