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Re: [IP] max resivour? - Kathie

Kathie -

I cannot bring myself to throw insulin away, and usually any that I have
left over in my "old" infusion set, I put into my new set.  If you do that,
you won't be throwing any (or much) insulin away, and maybe changing the set
will be less of a "pain."  Just an idea.  I put 150 units  in a new syringe,
and if I decide it's a good idea to "skip" putting a new set of tubing on
the syringe each time, then I can fill the syringe (why do I continue to
call it that when it's clearly somethiing else?) with 300 units, and only
fill it "every other" set change.  Have you thought of this as an option?
PS - Don't take my word as "gospel" - I've only been pumping for 6 months!


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