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Re:[IP] 160 unit capacity of MM is only half loaded

All three of ya MiniMed users!
>wasting about 46 to 60 units each time I change the set.
Typical Minimed wastage
>To use lees insulin it requires me to put something
>inside the pump to hold the resivour. They are
>sending me something for this along with instructions
Subject: [IP] 160
From: "Gina & Jose" <email @ redacted>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 20:50:34 -0400
>Have you guys ever tried to fulfil the reservoir with
>more than 160 units?
Subject: Re: [IP] 160
From: email @ redacted
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 21:19:36 EDT
>I believe that 160 is the max for the 507C.
Oh two of those were from Kathie ...
So anyhow, for all who use the MiniMed pumps,
Your wonderful MiniMed pumps have two ways to insert the
syringe (MM-speak is "reservoir"),
with the usual support (or whatever MM calls it) in place,
(Sounds like this piece is what MM is sending to Kathie)
so you leave the luer-connector "inside" the pump case,
160 units "half filled" may be your fill limit.
Take that thing OUT, quarter turn only one way,
(maybe there is a special tool provided for the purpose)
300 units , the whole capacity of the reservoir can be used,
but the luer-connector to your infusion-set will project
out the end of the case, somewhat like the connection
point for the Disetronic I wear and use "sticks out"
This is what JOSE wants to do to load 200 units,
some amount greater than the 160u limit of "half-load".

See resources on the MiniMed website:
Topics & Tips On Living With A Pump
for numerous other usage and operating suggestions

- Priming the pump properly:
Ensuring Immediate Insulin Delivery
This has been a frequent discussion/problem here on iplist.

The 7.2 Unit Bolus Delivery Test
This is the same that Miranda spoke of getting from
MM tech support by phone.
Can anyone tell me how many seconds this amount of insulin
actually takes to be delivered by a MiniMed pump?

FAQ: The Practical Things...

Ok, I give up, I can't find it on the MiniMed website,
how to convert between 300u and 160u reservoir installations,
but I know its in the book (user guide or manual)
that came with the MiniMed pumps

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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