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Re: [IP] exercise and the pump/situps

> Jeanie- I have started the pump with saline to get used to it. I
> will change to the insulin on Thursday.Am I a nervous
> wreck???????YES!! I have a fear of it clogging or disconnecting
> especially when I am asleep and going into DKA. Is this normal to be
> that nervous about that? 

Yes, it's normal :-)

It is very hard to go DKA when pumping. You need three elements

1) high bg's
2) ketones
3) dehydration

Unless you are sick to begin with, you won't dehydrate without 
throwing up or going pee. Both are tough to do un-noticed while 
sleeping :-) and it takes a while to dehydrate. So even if your pump 
dies completely or you get disconnected, you should get plenty of 
warning that there is a problem and you should check your bg's

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