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[IP] I got test results back :)) (longish)

Hello all my friends and comprades on the IP list!
I am writing this as I sit in my hotel room in South Carolina, and its about 70 degrees out.  Back home in PA, its 34 degrees! 
Anyway, I had a doctors appt on Thursday before I left for SC, and I had results from my kidney tests etc.  I was worried as I had gotten a copy faxed to me from the lab, and I had 2 high readings, my bun-creatnine, and one other, I forget right now.  Anyway, my test results were lower this time than last time, so thats excellent!!  The dr said they had gotten better since I started the pump, what a relief.  My cholesterol is very low, and last test it was borderline to high, so this carbo watching is helping me alot.  I just cannot believe the increase in my energy level and my well being since I started the insulin pump on June 2nd, 1999.  It is still trying at times, with my basals changing still, but I am getting the hang of it now.  I can truthfully say it is fun.  That may sound odd to some, but after taking a close average of 34,900 shots suring the last 31 years, this IS fun!!
I would like to take my hat off so to speak to all on this list, and Michael, for all the help they have offered me, whether directly or indirectly.  I get to laugh almost always when Sara writes, (where are you lately Sara?), and Ruth keeping us updated on Geneva's progress, and Sam's discussions on various items.  Also Jess' sex questions make me smile, since this also happens to us all and yet some of us haven't had the nerve to pose the question to the list yet!  I love it all!!! 
PS Is there anyone down here in South Carolina pumping?  I am near Spartanburg right now, will be here two more days I think.  It is so nice here, thinking of moving here with hubby.
Thanks for listening all, and see you soon when I get back to the cold homefront!
dx 4-68, pmpg 6/99
email @ redacted