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[IP] HA1C tests and geneva


>mine (last week) was
> 6.3, and i still am having some lows, but not the severe lows i'd been
> on MDI

maybe there is a big difference between kids and adults.   because of the
growth hormone thing.

> how was geneva today

much better...she finally came down around dinner time.  then she got almost
too low.  I had set her on a higher basal because of her 2-3 pm highs.
seemed to work fine.

the ketone experience is one for my file.  I will remember in the future
how she continued to be high most of the day.

and...I guess I will definitely test in the middle of the night.  never know
when the "crimp in cannula syndrome" will occur.   geneva and I  did have a
discussion about whether she had to get up and pee that night.  she said she
did...twice or more. ... and that she was thirsty and drank alot.  I told
her that if this EVER happened again, to come in and tell me or test.  she
said she was just so tired.  hopefully her 'consequence' will remind her in
the future.  she hated being nauseous and feeling lousy and missing school
that day.

we are back to normal now.  even did OK in bolusing for all of these treats
that the room mothers made for halloween today.  despite my letter to all
parents in the beginning of the year about geneva's diabetes....they still
sent in all of these things which I had to guess the carb count of!!!  at
least they thought to bring in diet cokes!!!!

thanks for the concern.


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