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Re: [IP] Another Dumb Blonde Award

I've been runner up for that Dumb Blonde Award a couple of times myself, even 
though I'm brunette.  Did the same thing on MDI about 10 years ago.  Except 
that I was taking 15 units of Lente at bedtime.  Had been working in the yard 
all day using a pick to dig holes in the cement hard soil in AZ to plant in. 
Was in 130 range at bedtime, but I was soooo tired that I accidently took 15 
units of Regular instead of my Lente.  Woke up about two hours later sweating 
like a pig and barely coherent.  Realized what I had done and shook hubby 
awake.  Meter just said "Low" and wouldn't give a number (it gave #s down to 
30). We stayed up almost all night testing and eating candy bars.  Didn't 
dare sleep.  Then went to work the next day with a 350+ bg.

After that episode someone suggested to take a red felt pen and color the 
label of the R (or now H).  I did that and never made that mistake again.

Glad your still here and not in the ER.

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