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Re: [IP] Ebay apologies (Please Read!)

>I am truly sorry I posted this, due to the problems here and the private
>responses I have received.  I never honestly expected anyone here to BUY
>pump, but I also thought that some of you might be interested in the
>sleepshirts and pump cases.  Seems I can't post anything anymore without
>receiving private emails that aren't very nice.
>Thinking about quitting the list now...
>Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year


Please don't give up the benefits offered by this list due to some
unfriendly e-mails.  I can't imagine what people would have to privately
chastise you about regarding your posting, but remember, there will ALWAYS
be those who find a problem with the actions/offerings of others...maybe
with reason, maybe not.
I think that the bad thing is, we don't always think to offer positive
feedback for what we receive from other people's postings.  I will tell you
that there are people on this list who make me smile & give me hope &
courage (starting to sound sort of "Wizard of Oz-ish", isn't it?) nearly
every single day, & I don't think I've mentioned it to any of them.
Natalie, wayne, Jose, Jess, Gianna, amy, Brian, Sara, Jeannie, Cheri,
Stacey, Sam, & so many more- THANK YOU for sharing your insights, struggles,
adventures, ideas, & mistakes!!  I am one of those who has never yet met
another pumper face-to-face...but you've given me the gift of feeling like
I've always got someone to turn to when this beautiful little piece of
technology & I don't seem to be speaking the same language!  Even if you get
some negative responses on something (I haven't seen many yet who seem to
agree with my take on the FastTake!  :)  ), don't let that take away your
opportunity to have the wealth of support & information available here!

On a personal note, Nita, some of your postings are the ones I've saved in
my "Kidpumpers" folder.  At one of the elementary schools where I teach
(when I'm not at home with Bronchitis, that is!), we have a seven-year-old b
oy whose mother asked to talk with me after hearing from her older daughter
that I use a pump.  She was told by her endo that he is too young for that
to be an option for several years, & (as I tended to do in my
"pre-pump-list" days) just accepted that as the only truth because "the
doctor said so."  I am putting together a folder of letters regarding
pumpers his age & younger to arm her for her next endo visit!  (I'm doing
the same for my mom, diagnosed as brittle Type 2 & told by her doctor- who
has her on oral meds- that "there's nothing that anybody can do about the
drastic high/low swings she has"...I've learned enough from this list to now
know better!)

Hoping you choose to stay,
Sammi, the Pump Crusader

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