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[IP] Bad Day/Dumb Blonde Award

<<Man you KNOW you're going to have a bad day when you wake up and remember
you ate a whole box of cookies at 5 am from a low.

Girl, I know where you're coming from!
Recently I've changed to MDI, (was taking R and NPH twice a day), and went to 
my (new) doc and he gave me a sliding scale for Humalog before each meal. I 
was to take my NPH at bedtime, but misunderstood his instructions and was 
taking it at dinnertime. Which resulted in me being high in the mornings.
OK, so now I have it right -- NPH before bedtime. Last night I was SOOO tired 
I took 8 units of Humalog instead of NPH --(I realized this at midnight when 
I woke up soaking wet with sweat and totally out of it, and after eating a 
huge bowl of cereal, and then went to the cookie jar.)  YIKES! Then I 
realized I was going to be (probably) in the 300's in the morning, so I took 
3 units of NPH and headed back for bed. Well, thank goodness I was OK this 
morning; BG = 72.
I am nominating myself for the "Dumb Blonde Award" for the day.
Lesson learned -- always check the bottle before loading the syringe!!
Have a good day everyone,
Sally =o)
PS     I'm not saying that Miranda did anything "dumb." I was just relating 
to your comment about eating a whole box of cookies.
What I did was DUMB! (and careless)!
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