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Re: [IP] meters and highs


During all my years of DM, I have looked at a lot of
meters.  I also have owned quite a few of them.  Most of
them I don't like.  I do, however, really love the DEX by
Bayer.  Of all the meters I have looked at and owned, I
have never seen one that will read above a BG of 600.

--- amy m <email @ redacted> wrote:
> A little late on responding--but this is my opinion--
>  I started with the Glucometer M years ago, hardly
> remember it...huge with lots of square butttons. I was
> using the One Touch 2 and the One Touch Basic..got to
> be big and I didn't like the memory on the Basic, I
> have a DEX, a fasttake, 2 advantages, and a complete
> now. Ok...my experiences lately--
>  my main meters are the advantages..I have one that
> travels with me (in my backpack usually, or in my car
> or purse when i'm out), the other advantage stays on
> my table at home, and my complete is in a kit at
> school, it's there in case i need it for some reason,
> like i don't hvae my meter with me or whatever. I go
> ta dex at camp, had no luck with it until the other
> night..it agreed with my meter "HI".... Fasttakes i
> had 2 were never reliable...
>  My complaint..well, obviuosly i hate this disease and
> the past month has been hell ,but it doesn't help
> having a meter which only goes up to 600. One thing i
> nEVER thought would happen with the pump, i didn't see
> highs like I see now on the pump, when I was on shots.
> TOday was a good example...220-HI all day, I bolused
> 10.0 for the HI. and you know what? i don't liek
> guessing. My meter says HI when it's over 600, so I
> don't know whether I'm 610 or 750. (i can't believe
> Im' saying this..these numbers are awful!) but it
> would be a help, I just assume 600 for bolusing sake
> so I don't overbolus and crash....and while i'm
> spekaing...todya's experience. Well this is never
> going to get easy. It was easier on shots and when i
> had somewhat normal "Amy numbers". I woke up high, ok,
> and all that not feeling great....but by 12pm I was
> HI, so over 600. I bolused 10 units. Get home from
> school at 3 and I'm 336, but the humalog was bolused
> at 12:45 no biggy. I just hate these TRULY ugly
> numbers. But it's been crazy for a month and I know i
> can't freak out, although todya i feel like
> crap...peeing 3 times in one class! and dying of
> thirst..one good thing, I went out NOT for food, but
> to the grocery store for Diet soda!so i'll be drinking
> a lot and peeing even more. My stomach has been
> killing me and my back too(my back i don't know
> why...) but anyhow just a little venting. this disease
> is definitely no fun. I hate what these highs are
> doing to my body, I used to want nubmers under 180,
> until Sept. 27,m now I'm happy with 200s, compared to
> 400s and highs (my mom doesn't like HI anymore than I
> do:) but it would be better if you k new exactly how
> high, even though as it goes up it loses some
> accuracy. So I'm admitting my diabetes is in crappy
> control. It was better on shots compared to lately,
> but before that It was better than on shots, just to
> figure out why all hell broke loose and has yet to be
> tied up...despite upping insulin...just my venting.
> Can't say I love pumping, right now I don't like
> anything about this disease..should've seen me soooo
> hyper at over 600! and i hate having to pee all the
> time....but there's another story...
>  I think i'm switching to micros, mm was supposed to
> switch for sils last week, still waiting...also trying
> to cut down on fingersticks (finally) but when i'm
> peeing all the time it's hard not to check, and lately
> it's good i did, nicer catching a 535 than a hi and
> guessing how high....
>  That's just life:-) Just glad the week is half over
> (even though that doesn't calm this disease, but makes
> me happier....)
>  Amy

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