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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advisory committee

   Both excellent ideas...both of which were things we wanted to see done 
too, when Melissa was dx'd at age 9. As soon as I'd realized she was atypical 
in how well she'd adapted ( doing her own shots the 2nd day in the hospital), 
I offered to come into the hospital & have her visit newly dx'd children. No 
one ever called or followed up on the idea- despite my proposing it each time 
we had an endo visit. They all agreed that it was a great idea, but until 
someone takes on the responsibility of setting up a workable arrangement, it 
just doesn't happen, unfortunately.
    As for the staff psychologist, when Melissa was dx'd, part of the "team" 
included a wonderful social worker, who was Type I himself. His connection 
with Melissa, his "insider" jokes, etc. made him unquestionably the single 
most valuable member of the team during that overwhelming week......and need 
I tell you what happened? BUDGET CUTS! He lost his position & was replaced by 
"accessibility" to one of the few other remaiing social workers ( 
non-diabetic) who serviced the entire hospital. Not that it mattered, because 
by then, the 6 days we'd spent in the hospital had shrunk to 2 or 3 for many 
newly dx'd kids! Sad state of affairs.....
   That said, however, JDF has recently implemented a new program called "Bag 
of Hope" which contains the Rufus Bear, helpful booklets & items designed to 
facilitate the "crash course" in Diabetes 101. It was designed by a mom out 
west who has her chapter's distribution of these canvas tote bags down to a 
science. I spoke to her at the JDF conference in California in June & she 
told me they have compiled a list of volunteers with kids of various ages who 
make "home visits" (or hospital visits) to newly dx'd families, dropping off 
the bags, offering help & support.
   Our Phila. chapter now has several cartons sitting unopened in our office, 
and there they will remain until a plan is put into action. So my next 
project is to determine if there are "confidentiality" issues with the local 
Children's Hospital which would prevent them for giving us the names ( 
probably are...), in which case we'll distribute flyers to be given to the 
families upon discharge, promoting this program & suggesting they call us.....
    Problem is, just yesterday I heard of not one, but THREE, local 
well-respected physicians giving up their practices- a sad sign of the times. 
One is going into research, another into administration.....So is it any 
wonder that "follow through" is almost non-existent, when the docs & their 
staff are scrambling to just keep their heads above water, when someone else 
is dictating how to manage their practice, their time allotments, 
Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
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