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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advisory committee

Hi Leann,

I'm on the Diabetes Advisory committee for my hospital as well.  I have been 
asking for a staff psychologist for parents and for children.  There are so 
many psychological issues with diabetes and I think it's an integral part of 
diabetes care.  So far everyone agrees, but it's very hard to get because of 
budgets and space, etc.  Maybe you'll have better luck.  Also, there are 2  
easier things to do that are on a volunteer basis.  First, my family and I 
visit the families in the hospital ( if they want) at the time of dx.  This 
way they can see a family actually dealing with diabetes and my both children 
(my son and the newly diagnosed child) get to meet another child with 
diabetes.  The other thing we recently did was organize a bowling trip for 
kids with diabetes.  Works best with similar aged children.  Diabetes is such 
an isolating disease and kids really need to be around other kids with D.  

good luck!

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