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Re: [IP] moderate ketones..what to do?

Sounds like you're getting lots of good advice.  Wish I had had someone 
looking after me the way you do Geneva.

I've spent about 14 of my 20 yrs with DM with daily numbers in the 300-400 
range (balanced of course by crashing at least once each day) and hence loads 
of ketones. I quit testing for them because I always had them. This of course 
was pre-pump.  

Yes, you feel like throwing up.  In fact I'd usually start each day with 
hugging the porcelin.  A couple of saltines helped a lot.  And the more water 
you can down the better.  The ketones stay around for a time after the bgs go 
back down and I think the water helps flush you out. Just plain water, not 
diet coke, not crystal light.

And the no exercise rule is a good one.  I don't exercise now if above 230.  
I've tried it before higher and ended up in the HI range on the meter which 
is I think 600+.

One thing to be careful of is coming down too fast and rebounding, but you're 
probably experienced with that too already.

Tell Geneve we hope she's feeling better soon.

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