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No Subject

it was suggested in
Subject: [IP] Fwd: Gore: On the Run
From: Brian Carter <email @ redacted>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 17:58:54 -0600
that we each visit Al Gore's campaign website
and submit Brian's question.

Also there on the algore2000 site is SO INTERESTING
that of the MANY topics his pronouncements are displayed,
one of them is DIABETES and what do I see when I pull up
Nothing but blank empty white space below his campaign
contribution request!

Only by downloading the file and extracting its text do
we get to read this from algore2000 :
Last Modified:
Friday, 08-Oct-99 14:13:51 Local time

Interactive Town Hall - Diabetes

Will you be supporting the increase in research dollars for
Ridgefield Park, NJ
August 25, 1999

As President, I will continue to support more funding for
research in diabetes prevention and detection.  Under the
administration's budget for Fiscal Year 2000, the National
Institute of Health's (NIH) budget would increase by $320
million.  This means that we will be able to continue the
progress in the prevention and detection of diabetes.  We
must fund this budget package and continue to build upon
the tradition that has made the United States the world's
leader in biomedical research.

We also have a historic opportunity to secure Medicare for
a quarter of a century and provide all Medicare
beneficiaries with a much-needed long-overdue prescription
drug benefit. This is especially important for people who
have higher rates of diabetes and who would benefit from
our administration's proposal to improve pro-active and
preventative Medicare benefits.

With the passage of our administration's FY 2000 budget,
we will fully fund the Work Incentives Improvement Act.
This act would not only provide people with better access
to prescription drugs and personal assistance, it will also
assist people, who suffer from diabetes, in the workplace.
This would mean that people with diabetes, as well as
people with other diseases, who would not qualify for
health care assistance but are in need of medical
treatment, could take advantage of a Medicaid buy-in

I was proud to have received the Congressional Humanitarian
Award from the National Diabetes Research Interchange when
I was a U.S.  Senator. This award serves as a reminder of
the needs of those with diabetes, and helped strengthen my
conviction to improve Medicare and fund our
administration's initiatives like the Work Incentives
Improvement Act.  It is time for Congress to join our
administration and pass our year 2000 budget to strengthen
Medicare and funding for diabetes research.

Will you support diabetes research?
L.R. Hoffmann
Houston, TX
Answered by Vice President Al Gore
during his second Interactive Town Hall held on
August 10th, 1999 at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Yes, I will. I have very strongly supported biomedical
research of all kinds as a Congressman, as a Senator, as
Vice President -- and I will propose dramatic increases as
President. We are now on the verge of mapping the genetic
code for the entire human body -- unlocking the secrets of
cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and so many crushing diseases. Now
is the time to more aggressively harness these advances --
and then to make them available to all our people.

Paid for by Gore 2000, Inc.
Copyright )1999 All Rights Reserved

#extracted and reformatted so all of us in iplist
#can read it. Did anyone else have the same white-screen
#problem reading the "original" that I had?

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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