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[IP] Best Meter for cold weather sports

I don't know which sports in particular are more subject to destruction of 
stuff but I have found that keeping my QID in shirt pocket keeps it more than 
warm enough for testing even in bitter cold.  I also keep pump in pants pocket 
which keeps it warm enough in coldest of winters (and relatively well 
protected from weather as long as I'm smart enough to wear a coat during such 

When I started pumping the pumps were much bigger and only thing I could do 
with it then was make what is now a thigh thing or upper sock holder which 
worked OK.  The only problem was weather (I was a student at Cornell in 
upstate NY which could lead to 20 minute walks in FROZEN LAND).  Campus 
medical gave me an on-campus parking sticker to prevent me from having insulin 
in the line freeze up (which thank G-d never occured although I DID a lot of 
walking with pump sitting on my belt)

QID seems OK with short exposures to cold.  Biggest problem I've had is 
testing during a snowy day: how do you keep the test strip 'dry'?


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