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[IP] Fwd: Gore: On the Run

>According to Jim Woods, an ADA staff member, it sounds like VP Gore's 
>campaign office is under fire with calls about diabetes. "I just called," 
>Jim says, "and told the receptionist that I would like to give my opinion 
>on something."
>The receptionist put Jim on hold for a long time.  When she returned, Jim 
>started again saying "I would like to encourage...." but she just cut him 
>off.  " MORE DIABETES STUFF" she sighed.  "Yes" he replied.  "I WILL ADD 
>Anne, a diabetes advocate from Nashua, NH, also has the VP on the run.  On 
>Monday, she attended one of his Town Hall Meetings and asked him to sign 
>the Petition for a Cure.  Remember, that's the petition that more than 
>250,000 people have already signed.
>He declined to sign it.
>According to Anne, the VP "said he couldn't sign it without having staff 
>look into where the money would be re-allocated from."  But Anne also says 
>"he did have one of his aides take a copy of my petition...and say they'd 
>get back to me."
>Looks like we still have our work cut out for us.  It's time to try a new 
>strategy.  This time, instead of contacting the VP by phone, let's express 
>our opinions electronically.  Here's what you can do:
>Visit the VP's Interactive Town Hall at the following address:
>Once there, submit the following question to the VP:
>"NIH is about to get a $450 million increase for cancer research, but only 
>$65 million for diabetes research.  Will you support leveling the playing 
>field by providing an additional $200 million for diabetes research this year?"
>And then let's sit back and see what his answer is!  If enough people ask, 
>he'll be forced to respond.  And if he doesn't respond, that will speak 
>volumes about his support for diabetes.
>Keep up the great work and submit your question today.  Many thanks for 
>your continued support of diabetes advocacy and the American Diabetes 
>Leading the fight to cure diabetes.......


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