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Re: [IP] cheese (again!)

<I have here a fine chunk of mozarella cheese which says it has 8g. of
<protein in one oz. The conversion factor is 60% (I'm sure of THAT one,
<at least!), so it would be equivalent to about 5g. of carbs.

	That 60% is the upper limit.  For most it is probably a good bit
less, but this is a very big YMMV thing, among people and even with
different types of protein.  So what else is new?

<On the other hand, if you have 10 liters of blood in your body, 5000mg.
<carbs divided by 10 deciliters per liter would give you 50 mg/dl if it
<was in the blood and didn't go elsewhere. So now I'm curious how many
<liters of blood we have in the body!!!!  :) :) :)

	I remember John and I going back and forth on this issue over a
year ago.  It's not quite as straightforward as it looks.  The volume you
need to consider is not the blood volume (which is normally about 5 L), but
what is known as the glucose 'volume of distribution,' which is just the
sum total of all the places glucose can go.  It includes interstitial fluid
and part of the intracellular fluid.  There's maybe a 20 -30 L VD for
glucose, but this is also quite variable, and not even constant.

<Can you tell I'm NOT an engineer????????

	Natalie, who woulda thunk it?

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