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Re: [IP] moderate ketones..what to do?


I do remember this bit of info about the "big 3".  (see below)

I certainly agree that  the ER is not on my 'top ten places' to visit.  if
we can handle it at home..great.
since we moved to CA and geneva has never had ketones except at dx..I was at
a loss.
this experience  sure did make us aware of how quickly she can go high and
how we really need to have that shot ready.

since our town of pleasanton does NOT have a hospital facility and the
nearest one is way up in walnut creek,  I just did not even think to call a
peds person on call up there.

> >
> >I think you're doing the right thing, the stories
> about er visits are not pleasant, insulin and H2O should solve the
> problem, it does for us. Remember that to go DKA you are supposed
> to have high bg's, dehydration and ketones all together

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