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Re: [IP] moderate ketones..what to do?

> >
> > Giving plenty of water is the first step
> yes
> > my next step would have been to call his ped.endo or the one on call,
> called DCE who has voice mail.  she was dx'd in NC and we are now in
> CA. never had ketones before.  our endo does a clinic every month up
>  in a town half hour from here. the pediatric voice mail says to
> call 911 in an emergency.  I don't think we should.
> > > Did you give her an injection?
> yes
> > Did you do a site change?
> yes...it was a real severe crimp in the cannula
> > Keep giving plenty of water.
> yup
> she came down to 268 from 360 half hour ago.  now has LARGE ketones.
> shall I call someone? she feels crummy.  not throwing up though.
This is NOT medical advise, just and opinion. Lily has had a couple 
of these incidents where bg's have hit 400. On each occasion, she's 
felt crummy but has been hydrated and no other obvious problems. We 
don't even bother to check for ketones anymore. If a bolus does not 
work the first time, she uses and injection. As long as bg's fall, 
things work out. I think you're doing the right thing, the stories 
about er visits are not pleasant, insulin and H2O should solve the 
problem, it does for us. Remember that to go DKA you are supposed 
to have high bg's, dehydration and ketones all together, at least 
that's what I learned.
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