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Re: [IP] Nighttime Highs(again)

>Everything had been going sooooo good.  I thought I had seen the end of my
>middle of the night highs, unitl last night that is.  From 4 am on I was up
>going to the bathroom, checking bg's, and taking insulin.  I think I had
>"Black Hole" effect last night because no amount of insulin I took seemed
>bring me down.
I have been high all day .  Right now I
>am 175:)  I hope I stay this way.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  I am
>getting frustrated.  Sorry to be so long.
>                Cheri:)


Just a thought- has your endo ever talked with you about the possibility of
overinsulinizing?  I went through a phase of highs that I would try to
correct (via shots) with no results...my endo checked all my numbers to see
if he could discern a pattern, & determined that I might be giving TOO much
of a corrective measure.  He said he wanted to try something to get rid of
this, & put me on a strict limit as to how much insulin I could add for a
high.  At first it made no sense to me whatsoever- even though he explained
it to me in very logical terms, when my brain is sluggish & unhappy due to
highs, I am not exactly a reasonable person- & it was very difficult for me
to see a reading of 400 & only be allowed to take 2 units to correct...which
with my ratios, will bring me down to about 300.  Still, I know my endo is a
VERY trustworthy physician, so I gritted my teeth & did it...& after a few
tries I began to see it work.  It seems I had been giving so much insulin to
correct the highs that I was bottoming out & the glucose that my own system
would kick in with to fight that was pushing me right back up into highs
again!  (Talk about a self-induced rollercoaster effect!)
Anyway, I know we all operate by our own physical standards (you'd think
these bodies with the special features would come with a better owner's
manual, though!), & what applies to me might not be true for you...but since
you are looking for suggestions, this is an idea you might want to check
into w/ your doctor.

May your numbers be always in range,

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