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Re: [IP] cheese (again!)

email @ redacted wrote:
> I
> think you said you would expect a 1 oz piece of cheese to raise BG about 50
> mg/dl, based on the protein in the cheese.  I think that your calculations
> must have been in error. 

They WERE in error -- because I assumed that 1 oz would be 30g. and that
it would be all protein!

I have here a fine chunk of mozarella cheese which says it has 8g. of
protein in one oz. The conversion factor is 60% (I'm sure of THAT one,
at least!), so it would be equivalent to about 5g. of carbs. 

If you get 5 mg/dl rise in BG per gram of carbs, that would be 25 mg/dl
instead of the 48 that Susan reported, but with meter measurement error
and cheese measurement error, and nutrition label measurement error,
it's still in the ballpark.

On the other hand, if you have 10 liters of blood in your body, 5000mg.
carbs divided by 10 deciliters per liter would give you 50 mg/dl if it
was in the blood and didn't go elsewhere. So now I'm curious how many
liters of blood we have in the body!!!!  :) :) :)

Can you tell I'm NOT an engineer????????

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