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[IP] Plus ca change

I KNEW it was gonna hit me at some time or another!

Yesterday I had a hypo at the end of my 4th period class -- I haven't
had one for a LONG time -- and there was exactly NO change in my
routine. No change in my weight, either! :)

It wasn't a huge problem -- I don't think the kids even noticed I was
getting woozy, and the bell rang a minute after I noticed it, so I just
went and got some candy from my stash, but I HATE hypos!!!

It's a struggle for me to want to keep my BGs in tight control on the
one hand, and to REALLY want to avoid hypos on the other. Like walking a

At least the hypo occurred when I'm most prone to hypos anyway -- and I
am very well aware of hypos, so no harm done, but the thing I hate MOST
about diabetes is the inability to FORGET about food and time!

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