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Re: [IP] cheese (again!)

Natalie, your response to Susan's cheese question puzzled me for a while.
Now I've deleted what you said, but what I remember doesn't seem right.  I
think you said you would expect a 1 oz piece of cheese to raise BG about 50
mg/dl, based on the protein in the cheese.  I think that your calculations
must have been in error.  Most all cheeses consist of only about 25%
protein by weight.  So a 1 oz piece will have about 7 g of protein.  A
nominal ballpark figure for conversion of protein to glucose is about 50%,
so this 1 oz cheese might convert to maybe 3-4 g of glucose.  This would
only raise my BG about 12 mg/dl, way below your calculation.   Can you
repeat how you did your math?  Anyway, it seems to me, based on my
calculation, that cheese should be a pretty good thing for diabetics to eat
(ignoring the fat of course, and we still haven't figure out why Susan's BG
rose so much :-)

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