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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advisory committee

In a message dated 10/28/99 12:01:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< trust me that will NEVER happen again, I now have a
 backbone) >>
    Probably the single most important thing I've learned from parenting a 
child with diabetes is to be ASSERTIVE & PROACTIVE on my child's 
behalf....When Melissa was 13 & newly pumping, we left our local Children's 
Hospital because it was apparent her ped endo was unfamiliar with insulin 
pump therapy & its intricacies. I got the name of a credible physician whose 
hospital had no pediatric facilities - hence, they wouldn't take patients 
under 16. I refused to take NO for an answer, assuring his nurse that Melissa 
was NOT a typical 13 yr old & that if (G-d forbid) she needed 
hospitalization, her own pediatrician could do so....
    Now 3 years later, she IS 16 (almost 17) and her endo has just left his 
practice to go work for a drug company!!! But at least for the intervening 3 
years, which included her kidney biopsy & proteinuria & ACE inhibitors, we 
felt she was in good hands. The hospotal we'd left had vacillated about 
"maybe" starting an ACE inhibitor 4 years ago when she had 300 mgs of protein 
in her urine. Nowadays, they routinely start teens on ACE inhibitors once 
they pass 30 mgs (30-300 is microalbuminuria/ over 300 is proteinuria). Had 
we NOT changed hospitals, I shudder to think about the "time bomb" that would 
have been ticking away in her kidneys.........

Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
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