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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advisory committee

oh my Leann, look what you've started. I feel a lot of
energy out there... so I'll try to be brief....

1)I wish we would have been told at dx what a real
emergency was, and what to do. It was 2 or 3 yrs later
that we were told about glucagon, and no one ever told
us Ryan could have a seizure while low, or what to do
if he did... (found out the hard way). The first week,
I thought it was an emergency if he ate too much
protein during a meal.

2) I have found that a lot of MDs, Nurses, Paramedics,
don't have enough practical knowledge of diabetes in
general. How about some continuing education for the
professionals who aren't endos, but treat diabetics
every day. -A sampling of comments I've heard recently
from the latter:  A paramedic who was driving the
ambulance with my son (who was in dka crisis) "So how
long will it be before he outgrows his diabetes?"

The ER Dr. a couple of years before that: "Well, his
BG is 320, I know he hasn't had insulin in 8 hours,
but we should wait to see if his BG is going to go up
or down before we give him insulin" (the child had
been diabetic for 3 years) BTW, he didn't get insulin
for 4 more hours, and I finally gave it to him myself.
(trust me that will NEVER happen again, I now have a

Thanks for passing info along. Hopefully this kind of
committee will be used in more places.  It is needed.


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