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[IP] diabetes advisory

i acknowledge the problems/concerns you all have expressed dregarding the 
extent of diabetes education given in a hospital setting.. the differences 
reflect the individual practitioner's (RN RD MD) db management skills and the 
hospital's policy on what to teach, when, and how.   

The key point is meeting the client's needs.. and each client is different 
... some are easily overwhelmed.. some are parched for information.. some are 
getting information (conflicting at that) from everyone (visitors, nurses, 
dietitians, social workers, pastor, etc) ..

Many clients don't know what they don't know and cannot ask "good 

Perhaps, a menu of  available information can be printed up.. perhaps divided 
into must know before going home .. should know in time..

This allows the client and significant others to know that there is a lot to 
know to be able to manage diabetes .. and that not everything has to be done 
in the next 24 hours or so...  the same menu can also be used to help the 
diabetes health care provider keep track of  what has been taught/when/etc...

This system seems to work for me in our clinic setting.. i work with lower 
income and older (above 50 yrs)  clients...  gives the client some degree of 
control ..   used to work with pediatrics.. and parents had the same 
frustrations.. too much, too little, not the right kind, etc.  type of info 
given to them...

hope this helps.. i am reading everyone's response in hopes that we can make 
our diabetes management services more responsive to client needs.

this website is a treasure chest for diabetes educators who don't have 
diabetes info from a personal point of view.  i've learned a lot and plan to 
continue learning a lot more.

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