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[IP] Warning: sex question.... delete if you find offensive, or TMFI

(TMFI = Too much #$*&(ing information)

so, i had an experience today of going low during a level of sexual
activity which prior to pumping would not have made me go low.....  (and
boy did i go low...)

i didn't notice, but my partner did, and made me check..... 37... ate 40g
of carb.....  took it pretty easy...  an hour later....  only 59.... had
16g more carb.....  finally came up after i did a temp basal of 50% for an
hour... then 131.... 

question:  what do people find is the threshold for activity, to make them
low during sex?  (if you don't want to respond to the list, i
understand... i'm just trying to figure out what i should be doing....)
does anyone have a suggestion for what i ought to have done?
(disconnecting probably would have been poor, given that i was um....
"frolicking" ...  for a couple of hours.....)


sorry for all the lurid detail.....  we'll now return you to your
regularly scheduled list....

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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