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[IP] Nighttime Highs(again)

Everything had been going sooooo good.  I thought I had seen the end of my 
middle of the night highs, unitl last night that is.  From 4 am on I was up 
going to the bathroom, checking bg's, and taking insulin.  I think I had the 
"Black Hole" effect last night because no amount of insulin I took seemed to 
bring me down.  About 6:30, I was 399, took some insulin and fell asleep.  I 
had class at 11 am today, when I got up I was 175.  Sometime during all of 
this I did a set change.  There was a small amount of blood in the canula, so 
I thought I had my problem fixed, espically when I woke up normal.  I never 
did make it to class.(opps!)  Well, I decided to skip eating and go back to 
sleep for a while.  When I woke up I was back up to 378.  Took a bolus and 
got up for a while.  During the bolus , I got a no delivery alarm.  I took 
the rest of my bolus, no problems.  I have been high all day .  Right now I 
am 175:)  I hope I stay this way.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  I am 
getting frustrated.  Sorry to be so long.

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