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Re: [IP] amy-meters and highs(long)


Forgive me if my questions or ideas seem too obvious, & you've already "been
there, done that."  When I was on MDI I had completely whacko numbers like
yours for about six months before beginning pumping...but my control seemed
really good for the whole year before that!  I spent a lot of those
"rollercoaster" months frustrated & angry at the fact that I felt like I was
working SO HARD to maintain tight control & getting NOTHING for my efforts.
Kind of like going to your job every day & the boss just suddenly deciding
"Oh, by the way, we're not going to give you a paycheck this week.  You
still have to come in & work every day (no option there), but we thought it
would make your life more interesting if we randomly opted not to pay you."
Or working really hard on a term paper to find out that the teacher lost
yours, so "unless you can reproduce it from scratch (imagine we are NOT in
the age of computers here!), we'll have to fail you or maybe just give you a
C or a D, since I THINK I do remember you handing one in, so maybe you did
try."  It is aggrivating beyond belief to put so much of your effort &
energy into something & not get any positive results!

When you get a "HI" reading, what do you do?  I know that there are quite a
few possible culprits if it's due to something within the application of the
medication.  ( I just reread that sentence- it sounds like a cross between
an overworked med student & the Cat in the Hat)  I don't know (someone else
here might) if it's a better idea to try adjusting them all at once, in
search of relief from the highs, or to try one at a time to see if you can
nail down where the problem might be.  One at a time takes longer (& nobody
I know likes to stay high that way any longer than they have to, given how
miserable it can feel), but it might give you more info to use as far as
what particular area to target.  Some of those medication-related areas
might be site degradation, tubing or canula problems, overinsulinization, or
bad insulin.  (I'm sure there are others- someone help me out here!)  If you
opt to (or have opted to already) change one thing at a time to try & find
the source of the highs, keep in mind that you may not get "instantly
better" results...some actions are immediately corrective, others take
longer to kick into your system with any proof positive that something has
been improved.  My endo had to explain to me that when I have an outrageous
high,  I will probably see the "residue" or leftover effects of it in my
readings for the next 24-48 hours.  I don't know if it works that way for
everyone (likely YMMV), but after learning this, I found that my numbers
after a high were making more sense to me...& since that let me become
somewhat less stressed about them, I was better able to deal with them.

It can be a real nightmare trying to work with a disease that affects (& is
affected by) your emotional health as well as your physical condition...one
of those areas gets out of line & it trips up the other one, so you can wind
up with this neverending vicious circle happening.  If you get to feeling
hopeless or depressed about the physical end, it might help to work on the
emotional side.  One of the things my doctor did for me when I was really at
my wit's end over the high numbers & the fact that nothing seemed to be
helping was to set me up an appointment to see a counsellor.  It did me a
lot of good to sit & talk through my feelings about it with someone who is a
"professional listener" & knows the kind of questions to ask to help you
sort out & deal with the emotional chaos in little pieces instead of one
huge insurmountable obstacle.  I also started hunting out books that focus
on the emotional aspects of diabetes- Meditations on Diabetes, Psyching Out
Diabetes, Caring for the Diabetic Soul, etc.  No, they are not a cure-all (I
wish I knew what was), but they do have a lot to offer by way of coping
skills & just better feelings when things seem really bleak.

I didn't mean to get so long-winded here (I've been home from school sick
today, so I haven't talked to anyone but the cats all day long...that in
itself leads me to ramble), but I wanted to let you know that you are not
alone in the kind of frustration you are experiencing- hang in there, &
maybe some of the ideas that show up here on the list will help.

Hoping your week gets better...mine too!!  :)


> My complaint..well, obviuosly i hate this disease and
>the past month has been hell ,but it doesn't help
>having a meter which only goes up to 600. One thing i
>nEVER thought would happen with the pump, i didn't see
>highs like I see now on the pump, when I was on shots.
>TOday was a good example...220-HI all day, I bolused
>10.0 for the HI. and you know what? i don't liek
>guessing. My meter says HI when it's over 600, so I
>don't know whether I'm 610 or 750. (i can't believe
>Im' saying this..these numbers are awful!) but it
>would be a help, I just assume 600 for bolusing sake
>so I don't overbolus and crash....and while i'm
>spekaing...todya's experience. Well this is never
>going to get easy. It was easier on shots and when i
>had somewhat normal "Amy numbers". I woke up high, ok,
>and all that not feeling great....but by 12pm I was
>HI, so over 600. I bolused 10 units. Get home from
>school at 3 and I'm 336, but the humalog was bolused
>at 12:45 no biggy. I just hate these TRULY ugly
>numbers. But it's been crazy for a month and I know i
>can't freak out, although todya i feel like
>crap...peeing 3 times in one class! and dying of
>thirst..one good thing, I went out NOT for food, but
>to the grocery store for Diet soda!so i'll be drinking
>a lot and peeing even more. My stomach has been
>killing me and my back too(my back i don't know
>why...) but anyhow just a little venting. this disease
>is definitely no fun. I hate what these highs are
>doing to my body, I used to want nubmers under 180,
>until Sept. 27,m now I'm happy with 200s, compared to
>400s and highs (my mom doesn't like HI anymore than I
>do:) but it would be better if you k new exactly how
>high, even though as it goes up it loses some
>accuracy. So I'm admitting my diabetes is in crappy
>control. It was better on shots compared to lately,
>but before that It was better than on shots, just to
>figure out why all hell broke loose and has yet to be
>tied up...despite upping insulin...just my venting.
>Can't say I love pumping, right now I don't like
>anything about this disease..should've seen me soooo
>hyper at over 600! and i hate having to pee all the
>time....but there's another story...
> I think i'm switching to micros, mm was supposed to
>switch for sils last week, still waiting...also trying
>to cut down on fingersticks (finally) but when i'm
>peeing all the time it's hard not to check, and lately
>it's good i did, nicer catching a 535 than a hi and
>guessing how high....
> That's just life:-) Just glad the week is half over
>(even though that doesn't calm this disease, but makes
>me happier....)
> Amy

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