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[IP] meters and highs

A little late on responding--but this is my opinion--
 I started with the Glucometer M years ago, hardly
remember it...huge with lots of square butttons. I was
using the One Touch 2 and the One Touch Basic..got to
be big and I didn't like the memory on the Basic, I
have a DEX, a fasttake, 2 advantages, and a complete
now. Ok...my experiences lately--
 my main meters are the advantages..I have one that
travels with me (in my backpack usually, or in my car
or purse when i'm out), the other advantage stays on
my table at home, and my complete is in a kit at
school, it's there in case i need it for some reason,
like i don't hvae my meter with me or whatever. I go
ta dex at camp, had no luck with it until the other
night..it agreed with my meter "HI".... Fasttakes i
had 2 were never reliable...
 My complaint..well, obviuosly i hate this disease and
the past month has been hell ,but it doesn't help
having a meter which only goes up to 600. One thing i
nEVER thought would happen with the pump, i didn't see
highs like I see now on the pump, when I was on shots.
TOday was a good example...220-HI all day, I bolused
10.0 for the HI. and you know what? i don't liek
guessing. My meter says HI when it's over 600, so I
don't know whether I'm 610 or 750. (i can't believe
Im' saying this..these numbers are awful!) but it
would be a help, I just assume 600 for bolusing sake
so I don't overbolus and crash....and while i'm
spekaing...todya's experience. Well this is never
going to get easy. It was easier on shots and when i
had somewhat normal "Amy numbers". I woke up high, ok,
and all that not feeling great....but by 12pm I was
HI, so over 600. I bolused 10 units. Get home from
school at 3 and I'm 336, but the humalog was bolused
at 12:45 no biggy. I just hate these TRULY ugly
numbers. But it's been crazy for a month and I know i
can't freak out, although todya i feel like
crap...peeing 3 times in one class! and dying of
thirst..one good thing, I went out NOT for food, but
to the grocery store for Diet soda!so i'll be drinking
a lot and peeing even more. My stomach has been
killing me and my back too(my back i don't know
why...) but anyhow just a little venting. this disease
is definitely no fun. I hate what these highs are
doing to my body, I used to want nubmers under 180,
until Sept. 27,m now I'm happy with 200s, compared to
400s and highs (my mom doesn't like HI anymore than I
do:) but it would be better if you k new exactly how
high, even though as it goes up it loses some
accuracy. So I'm admitting my diabetes is in crappy
control. It was better on shots compared to lately,
but before that It was better than on shots, just to
figure out why all hell broke loose and has yet to be
tied up...despite upping insulin...just my venting.
Can't say I love pumping, right now I don't like
anything about this disease..should've seen me soooo
hyper at over 600! and i hate having to pee all the
time....but there's another story...
 I think i'm switching to micros, mm was supposed to
switch for sils last week, still waiting...also trying
to cut down on fingersticks (finally) but when i'm
peeing all the time it's hard not to check, and lately
it's good i did, nicer catching a 535 than a hi and
guessing how high....
 That's just life:-) Just glad the week is half over
(even though that doesn't calm this disease, but makes
me happier....)

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