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Re: [IP] Reply to starting w/saline

In a message dated 10/26/99 3:52:31 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I started the MM 507c today with saline and I had a few questions about 
 was wondering if any one can give some advice. First, I used the QR soft 
 When the machine injected the set it hurt alot. Now I have been on MDI for 
 years and never felt a pain such as this. Does that go away fairly quick? I 
 am a wreck about the site so I feel as if I am walking around like a 
 mannequin.I am using the 24" tubing not much slack, so where do you put the 
 pump when you need to use the bathroom? And for any women out there, how and 
 where does it go on your bra strap? I tried it and it made me look quite 
 unproportioned. Thank you!!!! :0) >>

Ouch it hurts:
I haven't used a machine to inject the set, but have always done it by hand.  
Sometimes it hurts, sometimes not at all.  It seems to have to do with how 
much scar tissue I have built up in the area.  It helps to pick a nice soft 
plyable area.  Moving it over just a 1/2 inch can make a difference.  I have 
also found that the insertions that hurt a lot don't usually work as good as 
the smoother ones.  Sometimes the cannula can be crimped and that can cause a 
lot of pain.  If it doesn't feel better within like 30 minutes, I would do it 
over (I know --nobody likes to do this).

Tubing Length:
I use the 42" tubing because I like more slack.  I have a MM506 with a clip 
on the back. When going to the bathroom, I just clip it to my waistband, 
neckline, or bra strap.  

Hiding in the bra:
I put it between my breasts without the case and clip on it.  It sits 
comfortably in the bra and doesn't seem to slip out. Some pumpers who are 
more well endowed than me clip it in the middle and let it hang below the 
bra.  When I try to clip it there I have an obvious "third" lump, not real 

Best of luck!
DM 20 yrs, pumping 4 yrs
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