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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advisory committee

   You've hit upon a critical area of misinformation disseminated by 
hospitals- i.e. sins of "omission". In the race to cram so much information 
into a short period of time, essential information for self-management is 
often overlooked. Your panic regarding a high blood sugar is comparable to my 
panic when Melissa had a "LOW" of 78....I mean, after all, they'd told me I 
was supposed to keep her between 80-180, so 78 HAD to mean she was in danger, 
right???.... Maybe what we need to do is compile a TOP TEN list of things all 
patients with diabetes should know before leaving the hospital.....A lot of 
the "biology 101" explanations for WHY/HOW the pancreas stopped functioning 
can be probed later, but knowing CONCRETELY how to react to a high, a low, 
parameters for both, etc. would have been helpful....

Regards, Renee
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