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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advisory committee

i remember when i was diagnosed (at age eleven) being forced to hand over
all control to medical personell... i had to call in all of my blood
sugars once a week, and was then told what to do with my insulin
dosages... i was a smart kid and i resented being treated like i was
dumb...  i was also irritated with my then-endo telling me that i should
only need one or two lifesavers to treat a low... (what in hell was she
thinking....????)  at least i was smart enough to know that if one or two
didn't work i should eat  more....

this was also very upsetting the first time that i was out of town
(visitning my grandparents, as i did annually) and i had my first
experience with unexplained highs...   i was in tears, i had no idea what
to do, and i felt awful... scared my grandparents more than anything as
well... and because my diabetes team had not given me the tools to take
care of myself, i was stranded in a strange city, feeling sick , and
helpless.... not healthy for an eleven year old girl... ever....

(sorry, i'll get off the soap box now....  )


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted
NOTE!  NEW NUMBER!!!!!!!!!  -----> (617) 491-7935

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