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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advisory committee

The one thing I believe a hospital should do (doctors and nurses) with a
newly diagnosed person is to take time to explain everything about diabetes
to a newly diagnosed person.
Show them all the alternatives of treatment for type 2. Not just brush them
off. Explain the complications and how to watch for them. For type 1 tell
them about the pump..is this hospital pump savvy? If not the hospital needs
to know the insides and outsides of pumping. Also let people who are able
do thier own testing..and above all give people with diabetes on insulin
thier insulin ON TIME. I cannot tell you how often my mom was not given her
insulin on time..they came with her shot when her meals came and no she was
not on humalog. Also when a patient is experiencing a LOW treat it ASAP not
a 1/2 hopur or hour later. We went through heck with the medical staff when
my mom was in the hospital during her heart surgery. She was
uncounscious..we had 1-2 family members there all the time to check mom's
BGs..when she was too high they would take forever to bring in her R
insulin..when she was too low they had to call to get doctor's permission
to treat it. Why can't there be a protocol to go ahead and treat the low or
high and THEN call the docotor?
And after mom finally regained consciousness they would give her the shot
before supper and then supper came 1-1/2 hours after her shot..it was not
fair to mom who could not take care of herself at that time...
Oh I could go on and on but these are my main gripes...
One thing you may want to ask is if the hospital knows not to take a pump
off..unless necessary..Oh I am sure I will think of alot of things once I
hit the send key..
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