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Re: [IP] Fried Chicken

Richard Spector wrote:  "I had two pieces of chicken
for dinner last night.....My sugar was 74 when I went
to bed at 11:00pm......this morning it was 281!!!! Any
ideas of what happened?"

Richard, how many ounces of chicken did you eat?  A
protein serving of about 4 ounces does not require a
bolus of insulin...but when you consume larger
servings of protein you may get a slow rise in blood

When I eat more than 4 ounces of protein, I require an
additional bolus over and above what is required for
the carb portion of the meal...I do this as a square
wave over a couple of hours.

There is no exact formula for this..as you
know....everybody's mileage may vary!

~Janet Marie  


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