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Re: [IP] cheese (again!)

OK Susan, so what do you think your BG would have done if you had nothing
to eat?  I suspect maybe your basals are not perfect for the morning.
Anyway, just a guess.  You mihgt have needed 1/3 U to cover the protein in
the cheese.  How much would 1/3 u lower your BG?  Probably not 48, so I
still suspect  your basals are showing.  YMMV doesn't mean there is not
logical reason---there is a reason---it just means that everyone may have a
different reason :-)

<<<<<So this morning I ate cheese - just cheese for breakfast - just to do a
little test.  (And no, it was not satisfying and now I AM hungry and am
going to go get something more to eat!)
Anyways, 1 oz. of cheddar raised me 48 pts!  As for carb content of low fat
versus full fat cheeses - almost every label I've ever seen says "1g." - of
course that could mean 0.9 or 1.4, etc. but I doubt the variation "counts"
all that much.

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