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[IP] Re: taping and prepping

Just want to add another suggestion to the questions about tape/skin prep/etc.

I had lots of problems with itching and with the tape removing itself from my skin.  Tried lots of different things.  What has worked best
for me is Bard Protective Barrier Film, which I think might be similar to Skin Prep.  It looks like an alcohol pad, but puts a chemical
barrier between your skin and the tape.  The twofold result for me has been less irritation and better adhesion.  Bard is actually made to
protect the skin around a stoma, so it's designed to combat serious irritation from things like digestive juices and urine.

Now, instead of planning to change my set every 3rd day, I leave it in as long as it is comfortable and my blood sugars are o.k.  Sometimes
that's 2 days, but more often it is 4-5 days.  I have not encountered infections, and the tape problems have all but disappeared.  The only
itching I get is very slight and is around the actual point of insertion.  When I begin to feel that, I change the set ASAP.


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