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Re: [IP] cheese (again!)

Susan Fisher wrote:
> Anyways, 1 oz. of cheddar raised me 48 pts!  As for carb content of low fat
> versus full fat cheeses - almost every label I've ever seen says "1g." - of
> course that could mean 0.9 or 1.4, etc. but I doubt the variation "counts"
> all that much.

It's NOT just the carbs -- it's the protein, of which cheese has  LOT. 

For an off-the-cuff calculation -- not precise numbers -- 1 oz is about
30 g. Supposing you had 30g. of protein, 60% of that converts to carbs
-- so you had the equivalent of 18g. of carbs. 

48 mg/dl divided by 18g. of carbs is roughly 3 mg/dl per gram -- not too
far off what I've heard other people report.

So your BG is doing exactly what I'd expect!

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