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[IP] Re: itching tape

Subject: Re: [IP] Re: tape itching

Thanks Rae, do you insert over Tegaderm HP patch?
 I do the sandwich method 
with the IV3000 and it seems to hold much better,
but now itching.


There are two little adhesives on the "wings" of the
sofset. First we take off the white paper tab, then
underneath there is a small flesh colored tab. You
have to really hold onto the set if it's in the
softserter, but you can pull off this little sticky
piece. We did it because it was leaving a red
rectangle on the skin. 
He cleans the area and uses IV prep. Inserts the
sofset, hold it in place with fingers, places the
"cross hatch" tape over the set (takes 3 hands, so I
let him use one of mine), then removes the needle.
Next, the IV3000 over that, then the 4" tegaderm
HP9456 over the whole mess. We have found that if he
holds his hand on the tape to "warm it up" after
putting it on, it will stick better. 
Once we used a hair dryer, on low heat, (don't laugh)
to "melt" the tape to his skin. It worked. It was hard
to keep it only on the edges though, didn't want to
heat up the insulin. we want to try skin-tac, sounds
like it might be a good item. 

We haven't tried putting the set over the tegaderm. 

Ryan doesn't wrestle, unless w/his 18 y/o, 6'2" sister
counts, but like Ruth suggested, If you use LOTS of
tape, maybe it will stay put. I would just try it,
plan that it may come out, and be ready for it. Or you
can just time the set change for the day of the match.
We have done that w/Football games. Please let us know
how it goes. Tape sticking has been a big challenge
w/our never sit still 12y/o boy!


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